16 engaging homework help resources

This $9.95-a-month homework help service, which offers a free trial, includes educational videos, tutorials, biographies, and reference materials. Kids also have access to multimedia, such as games.

Fact Monster
A number of academic topics are covered on this help site, including a homework center, an almanac, a collection of cool facts, and games and quizzes. The site also features polls, daily history facts, birthday, and analogies, and more.

BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper
This homework help site connects students with online resources for many school subjects, including foreign languages, current events, science, math, and computer science and programming.

24/7 Tutor
This app offers free language learning help for Spanish, French, Russian, German, and Italian. It provides a set of the most common and useful words and phrases, organized by topic and category. An audio recording by a native speaker is available for each element.

Looking for help on a variety of subjects? This free site organizes homework help by subject, and then breaks those subjects into narrower fields. Students in middle school and up can create free accounts to access help and resources.

Seeking help on literature, civics, economics, digital literacy, math, poetry, or more? Shmoop gives teenage students help and explanations, as well as a dose of humor. Access to some materials is fee-based, but much of the site is free. It also offers a section for teachers.

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