Adding Tales2Go to a literacy rotation led to greater student excitement about reading and a marked improvement in reading scores

September 26, 2013, Washington, D.C. – Tales2Go Inc., a leading provider of audio books for the K-8 school market has just released the white paper, Stopping the Summer Learning Slide – Using Audio Books to Help At Risk Students. The white paper originates from a pilot Tales2Go did with Horizons of Greater Washington, and was authored by Katherine Orlando, a teacher at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, who taught in the Horizons DC program this past summer.

Horizons of Greater Washington partners an independent school with a low-income public school and provides a six-week summer enrichment program. The aim of the program is to mitigate summer decline in student’s academic achievement, improve students’ school-year attendance and performance, build self-esteem, and encourage families to become involved in their child’s education. In Ms. Orlando’s rising second grade class, Tales2Go was added to her literacy rotation. During the 90 minute reading period, the children received a whole-group mini lesson based on CAFE lessons and then rotated through three stations: guided reading (20 mins), Tales2Go (20 mins) and a hands-on phonics activity (20 mins). In just 6 weeks, the students’ raised their STAR Reading Assessment scores.

Tales2Go CEO William Weil comments, “We couldn’t be more delighted that students got excited about reading, and Tales2Go added to a literacy rotation helped drive a marked improvement in reading scores, in just six weeks.” He goes on, “We appreciate deeply that Ms. Orlando said her literacy goals were achieved over the summer in large part due to Tales2Go.”

Tales2Go is a Netflix-like subscription service that streams thousands of name-brand audio book titles from leading publishers to desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond. Adding a listening component to reading instruction raises reading scores, which is why audio books have been used in classrooms for decades. Proficient reading is the product of listening comprehension (i.e. fluency and vocabulary) and decoding skills. In fact, the Common Core Standards put special emphasis on developing listening skills within K-5 literacy and established reading methods such as The Daily 5 use audio books as part of their program.

Tales2Go breaks new ground on both the delivery and business model of giving educators and students’ instant access to audio books on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. For example, with Tales2Go, thousands of students can independently listen to the same book simultaneously. And some students may want to check out the physical book from the school or public library and follow along as they listen. Tales2Go is used differently depending on the grade, but ranges from individual to group use, with and without physical books in hand.

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Tales2Go is an award-winning mobile audiobook service that streams thousands of name-brand titles from leading publishers and storytellers to play on desktops, laptops and mobile devices in the classroom and beyond. Unlike other audio book services, thousands of students can independently listen to the same book simultaneously. Tales2Go offers piloting opportunities as well as monthly and annual subscription plans, including bulk sales for schools.

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