4. Making It Count: Integrating Formal & Informal PD (5:00-6:30 PM ET, Oct. 2nd): Hundreds of thousands of educators around the country are quietly improving their practice every day through online communities and networks, but receive no acknowledgement or credit for doing so. Maybe worse, what they’re learning, and how they’re learning it, is not influencing, informing, or getting integrated with formal PD. Bringing together formal teacher education and informal social learning is the most important point of emphasis in this year’s CEM, and CEM encourages all education leaders and connected educators to join a panel of leading educators from multiple levels (including Al Byers, Dr. Pam Moran, Eric Sheninger, and more) who are leading the way in bridging this divide, as educators work together this month to craft (more) universal solutions. Learn more and sign up.

5. Personalized Learning (7:00-8:30 PM ET, Oct. 2nd): It was a key theme in CEM 2012, and if anything it’s a bigger topic this year, influencing pedagogy at every level. How close are educators to realizing the dream of personalized, differentiated, passion-based learning for teachers and students, and what still has to happen to make this fully real? What practical steps can educators take to personalize learning for their students today, and how can connected technologies facilitate this? A healthy blend of ed-tech visionaries and creative classroom educators (including Kathy CassidyWill RichardsonDavid Warlick, and Jessie Wooley-Wilson) will discuss these issues. Learn more and sign up.

6. 21st Century Classroom Management (9:00-10:30 PM ET, Oct. 2nd): It’s one of the oldest and most universal elements of quality teaching technique, and it may be in the process of undergoing radical change. What does management mean in an era of 1:1 computing, BYOD, flipped classrooms, technology-driven personalized learning, and other innovations intended to address discipline issues even more directly? What impact are technology, diversity, and other factors having on our ability to facilitate, and what simple steps can educators take today to insure a more positive, productive classroom climate? CEM’s final panel (including Sam ChaudharyJane NelsenJeanne Poduska, and Marsha Ratzel) works with participants late into the night–to kickoff and wrestle with this last, but not least, CEM theme. Learn more and sign up.

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