Tech4Learning announces the release of Pixie 4, the latest upgrade to the classroom standard for elementary creative software. Pixie is engaging creativity software used by elementary students around the world to share their ideas, imagination, and understanding through a combination of text, original artwork, and voice narration.

“Pixie’s open-ended platform allows for easy integration into Common Core, making it the signature software tool for our school district,” shares Laura Spencer, Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Santee School District (CA). “Not only is the software a fantastic tool for learning, but Tech4Learning’s commitment to the evolving needs of our students and teachers is reflected in the new features of Pixie 4.”

Pixie 4 includes better ways to deliver content, such as hyperlinks in the project instructions, and the ability to set a default library category. Pixie 4 can easily import pages from Pics4Learning and existing activities and includes additional print options such as multipage print preview and Avery print layouts.
“Pixie 4 includes great new features, like export to ePub, making even easier to share and showcase student work,” explains David Wagner, CEO of Tech4Learning, “but the focus of development was not in response to new technologies, but in response to the needs and requests of the teachers and students using Pixie in the classroom.”

More information about Pixie 4 is available at or by contacting Melinda Kolk at 877-834-5453.

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