Hobsons and Mooresville GSD Tie Digital Innovation to Student Success through Naviance

Partnership to Advance Data-Driven Approach to College-and Career-Readiness

Arlington, VA – October 1, 2013 – In the nation’s most forward-thinking school systems, data is used to not only reflect on outcomes, but also influence actions that lead to student success. Access to the right data at the right time allows school administrators to identify the needs of individual students, in order to provide appropriate interventions and deliver more personalized instruction. Today, Hobsons has announced a partnership with Mooresville Graded School District (GSD) to implement Naviance, the world’s most widely adopted college-and career-readiness platform, to further advance their district-wide digital conversion initiative and align students with potential college scholarships.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Naviance and believe that the service and functionality of this digital resource will enhance the use of data with our digital conversion while also increasing scholarships for students,” said Dr. Mark Edwards, Mooresville superintendent.

Mooresville’s digital equation for success includes the implementation of data rich and intensive 21st Century tools that embed data collection and analysis into day-to-day instruction. This digital conversion initiative represents a culture shift from traditional instruction to a data-driven model that connects skills and interests to academic goals by assessing students throughout the learning cycle. By engaging Naviance’s reporting and analytics features, educators at Mooresville can enhance college-and career-readiness by monitoring and measuring student outcomes, and leveraging that information to make recommendations for improvement.

Today, more than 2,500 high school and middle school students have access to laptops at Mooresville. Through Naviance Course Planner, these students can now construct personalized, multi-year plans-of-action that aligned with their interests and post-secondary goals, while permitting Mooresville counselors to track students’ progress towards meeting those goals.

Mooresville will also leverage Naviance’s college planning features to manage the college search and admissions process, including finding and applying for scholarships. Using historical data from each student, Naviance can track which colleges and universities students are applying to, where they are being accepted, and where they are being rejected or waitlisted. Using student GPA and test scores, the system even allows individual students to see how they compare to admissions benchmarks set by other students from their high school that have applied to the same colleges. Mooresville can then use this information to guide students and their families to select academic institutions that best fit their post-secondary goals.

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