States, districts take the next step in Big Data

Tailoring at the district level

Along with the Literacy Courseware Challenge data tool, ConnectEDU is also working with the National Academy Foundation (NAF) and its 500 academies located across 39 states to provide teachers and administrators individual feedback on needed improvement.

The NAF wanted to base their improvement decisions on student data, and therefore needed a collection and analysis system of Big Data, leading them the ConnectEDU.

Working with the NAF, ConnectEDU will benchmark and measure internal NAF Academy data and compare it against national averages and public school students in the same districts.

By comparing national averages and students in the same district, “NAF [can] demonstrate the efficacy of their model by reporting on the success of students who pass through their programs vis a vis peer cohorts,” said Franco. “It enables NAF to drive continuous improvement efforts relative to the successful implementation of their model across a broad range of districts.”

New York wants in

ConnectEDU is also one of three vendors New York State’s Education Department chose to build a customized Education Data Portal that will be used by students, parents, and educators in the state to track progress and deliver personalized learning resources for the Common Core Standards.

“The data portal will serve a similar function as the Apple App Store in that it is intended to be a repository for a variety of third party applications,” Franco explained. “The data portal will have its own URL, but users will have access to a variety of education apps within the portal, depending on their role and permissions level.”

ConnectEDU will connect end users of the portal to digital resources contained in the state’s “EngageNY” http://www.engageny.ord content repository.

The New York State Education Department currently plans to launch the Education Data Portal in the spring of 2014.

Meris Stansbury

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