Scholastic Intervention Solutions continues its ongoing software development with the release of its next generation request management tool, providing teachers with access to techniques and educational strategies that improve their readiness at the point of teaching.

STIRLING, N.J. – October 7, 2013 – Scholastic Intervention Solutions (, a provider of online tools and support services that help manage core aspects of a school district’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program, announces Release 2.0 of its Request Management Module. Launching in September, this latest release reflects the next evolution of enhancements inspired by our partner districts to help them meet the needs of more children in-district. These newly designed features, combined with the existing online solution, further Scholastic Intervention’s mission to help progress the lives of as many children as possible who can benefit from ABA.

Scholastic Intervention’s Request Management Module is helping school districts deliver behavioral support to key contributors of a child’s education team. Its interface is intuitive, and engages staff directly within the learning environment. The new functionality enables teachers and paraprofessionals access to techniques and educational strategies that improve teacher readiness at the point of child engagement. In addition, its content management feature allows users to post notes and store previously unstructured (printed or digital) information and map it directly to a child’s file, saving behaviorists valuable time when recommending a change to a child’s lesson plan.

“The number of children requiring support is continuing to grow year over year, which is why it so important that we give educators the tools they need to make every ‘teaching moment’ as productive as possible,” says Greg Carr, CEO of Scholastic Intervention Solutions. “Our Request Management Module will help achieve this goal.”

About Scholastic Intervention Solutions
Scholastic Intervention Solutions offers school districts a scalable turn-key suite of tools and support services to help manage many core operations of their Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program. By delivering innovative technology and support services that streamline processes, SIS creates economies of scale resulting in a 20- 30% reduction of expenses, improved education, and delivers better, more reliable outcomes.

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