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Number 5: “Tablets for Education: Fewer iPads?”
As more tablets flood the market, Associate Editor Meris Stansbury examines the growing trend among educators to look at non-Apple tablet alternatives including Microsoft’s Surface, Dell’s cheaper latitude, and Sony’s Xperia Tablet S. Read the full article on page 10.

Number 4: “Creating Videos for Flipped Learning”
Flipped Learning is a form of blended learning when direct instruction is changed from the group teaching space to the individual learning environment. This increasingly popular practice usually occurs at the students’ home and requires watching video instruction. Learn more on how to create education videos for students through vodcasting, a cheap and easy way to flip classes. Read the full article on page 36.

Number 3: “Schools boost safety efforts in new year”
With students going back to school, districts around the country are doing their part to ensure student safety and to ease parents’ and teachers’ minds. Take a look at how some schools are ramping up safety efforts. Get the details in the full article on page 14.

Number 2: “How teens view online privacy challenges”
In the age of social media, online privacy concerns are a consistent issue. Managing Editor Laura Devaney explores how teens handle the issue of online privacy and who they turn to for advice. See which groups are most likely to ask for online privacy help by reading the full article on page 16.

Number 1: “Hungry? Here come smart vending machines”
Move over junk food; a new trend in school vending is helping students save time while eating healthy meals. Northeast High School in Oakland Park, Florida offers students a healthy alternative to pizza, fries and burgers. These vending machines can be found in schools across 24 states. Does your state participate in this new practice? Find out by reading the full article on page 29.

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