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Standard for Success Partners with Social Net Watcher to Assist Schools in Monitoring Cyber Bullying, School Violence Threats

First-of-its-kind pairing makes the responsibility of social monitoring feasible for teachers and administrators

INDIANAPOLIS (Oct. 14, 2013) — Standard For Success, an online, fully customizable educator evaluation and management software, is kicking off National Bullying Prevention Month, announcing today its partnership with Social Net Watcher, the leading social network monitoring software, into its current dashboard platform. The partnership is in an effort to make the mounting load of social media responsibility doable for teachers and administrators.

“As schools around the country are beginning to be held accountable for their students’ actions throughout the realm of social media, it has become paramount that there be more tools in place to help monitor and ultimately prevent bullying and violent behaviors,” said Bruce A. Canal, Social Net Watcher president and CEO. “That responsibility is landing more and more on schools and its teachers.”

The Social Net Watcher software has already paid dividends for a Tennessee private school, whose administration was able to intercept a student before he was able to “show-off” a handgun he and his family had taken on a prior camping trip. The student had made a Facebook post the day before, stating he would show the (unloaded) gun to his friends at school.

With its easy-to-use interface, Standard For Success allows for real-time evaluation of teachers while easing the burden on administrators through its diverse management features and archives. Now at the push of a button, teachers and administrators will have the additional option to connect to the Social Net Watcher software without having to log out of their Standard for Success profile.

“Teachers are amassing a ton of data – their own classroom evaluations as well as their students’ achievement and home life data; and many times their salaries or careers are dependent on weighing all the factors properly, so it has to be done right,” said Todd Whitlock, co-founder of Standard For Success. “We feel we’ve given our clients a solid teacher evaluation software, and we’re thrilled to add this new component to help simplify their growing tasks.”

The Social Net Watcher application will be available to current and prospective clients of Standard for Success during the 2013-14 school year as part of an additional package offering. Social Net Watcher, which currently monitors 25,000 students throughout Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio, New York and California, is able to meet the requirements of more stringent state laws that place increased responsibility on schools to monitor students’ social media accounts to take preventative measures against threats of school violence or cyberbullying. Such laws have already been passed in New York and Ohio, and similar bills are being discussed in several other states, including Indiana.

Social Net Watcher was recently awarded the 2013 Indiana Innovation Award by Centric in Indianapolis. The award is given to an Indiana based company with national and/or international potential that sheds a positive light on Indiana business, potentially bringing new employees to Indiana.

The month of October is also host to National Safe Schools Week (Oct. 20-26).

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About Standard For Success
Created by educators for educators, Standard For Success is a fully customizable online staff evaluation and management program for teachers, building administrators and district-level leadership. Standard for Success, which was created by a joint venture of EdTechZone and the maker of QuestionPress Online Classroom Response Systems, features 24/7 access, self-evaluations, uploading artifacts and supporting evidence capability, archives, mobility for walk-throughs, automatic timestamps during scripting, drill-down capabilities for specific data on certain groups, and summaries and comparisons. Standard for Success is used by nearly 60 school districts in Indiana and is endorsed by the Indiana Association of School Principals. For more information, visit

About Social Net Watcher
Protection by Prevention; the mantra of Not only to protect our kids while at school, but to prevent the tragedy from happening. Social Net Watcher uses a proprietary, social network monitoring software to monitor students on Facebook/Twitter and other social media to determine if the threat bullying, suicide or violence exists. Once identified, Social Net Watcher forwards the information to school officials to thwart the threat and protect our kids. For more information, visit


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