Library expert answers the question: ‘What comes first? eBook content or device?’

ebooks-schoolseBook implementation is becoming crucial for schools and districts as part of the digital content movement. As mobile devices become a classroom staple, printed books are becoming a staple of the past. But as more schools begin to consider eBooks, many administrators are asking “Where do we start?”

According to Carl Harvey, school librarian at North Elementary School in Noblesville, IN, and past president of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL), the first question most administrators ask is “What should we focus on? The content or the device?”

Sometimes it’s hard to consider because you’re wondering ‘do we get devices that are eBook-specific, like Kindles or Nooks, or do we want iPads and use iTunes U? mused Harvey. Or then you ask ‘well, should we focus on a massive platform for content and use whatever devices are compatible for that platform?’

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