Easy-to-use, fully customizable observation and evaluation software being used to observe and evaluate teachers in 24 states

ST. PETERSBURG, FL – October 16, 2013 – To date, nearly half of all states, 24 to be exact, have seen charter schools and districts alike adopt the award winning, easy-to-use teacher observation and evaluation platform offered by observe4success. A young company by many standards, observe4success is entering its third full year in the K12 education marketplace with a reach that many “old” companies would like to have, seeing implementations as far away as Alaska, as well as in their backyard in Florida.

Staying true to their commitment to continual platform enhancements, many of which are based solely on end user feedback, observe4success has seen adoptions soar from coast to coast, in all niches of K12 education: public, charter, and private. Many of these users site ease-of use, depth of customization, as well as the simple yet robust graphic reports as factors in their decision to purchase.

observe4success Vice President Abby Sterensis comments, “To say that educators in 24 states are using observe4success to foster positive growth in their school communities is such an honor. We attribute much of our success to the fact that we listen to our customers and to the education industry, and based on their needs and wants, make necessary adjustments to our platform. This means big changes in the user experience and added features that directly impact our customers’ day to day use of the platform.” She continues, “The customization options continue to grow and expand, but we never lose sight of the fact that the system must remain user-friendly. The entire observe4success team is honored to be supporting schools and districts in so many states across the country.”

Developed by educators for educators, observe4success started as a grassroots effort to capture and systemically report the essence of classroom culture and instructional practice so that administrators and peer observers could easily grasp classroom characteristics. With observation data collected over time, stored, and sorted, administrators and teachers work together to identify strengths to be highlighted and weaknesses to be supported. Current research encourages continuous improvement to support instructional practices while implementing exemplary teaching practices; observe4success offers the tools to make these efforts seamless.

Sterensis adds, “Our end users are a big part or our R&D department! Their close proximity and connection with the needs of their district, school, and teachers help us to focus on continual enhancements that truly assist school leaders in building positive school culture that thrives on honest, open conversations around innovative techniques for constant improvement.”

To learn more about observe4success or to schedule a demonstration please visit: http://www.observe4success.com

About observe4success
observe4success is the best classroom walkthrough software on the market today and truly is a collaborative tool for administrators and teachers in the 21st century.

observe4success is a practical, real-world, simple, web-based tool that educators can use to observe, encourage, enhance, and sustain effective instructional practice and classroom cultures in school communities. observe4success uniquely combines the newest technology, content that is easily understood (and now completely customizable!), and meaningful graphic reports to support and assist teachers as both administrators and teachers study and improve the craft of teaching.

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