Ninety teachers will use Conceptua curriculum to instill best practices With Common Core State Standards.

PETALUMA, Calif. – October 17, 2013 – Conceptua Math announced today a new partnership with Teach For America to provide the organization’s corps members with a Common Core-designed instructional curriculum for math classrooms in grades 3-5. The collaboration reflects a shared commitment to providing teachers effective classroom supports to understand and implement the Common Core.
“Partnering with Conceptua Math enables Teach For America to better support our elementary math teachers’ efforts to prepare math lessons that engage their students in rigorous content,” said Kaitlyn Baldwin Director of Elementary Math Design for Teach For America. “This ultimately enhances students’ experience with mathematics and their perceptions of what they’re capable of achieving.”

Conceptua Math provides interactive discussion guides that empower teachers to facilitate classroom discussions and employs adaptive teaching technology to help teachers differentiate instruction. Conceptua Math emphasizes visual and conceptual learning for students, based upon a body of research regarding best practices for diverse learners. These technology-enabled features greatly accelerate the pace at which teachers can master the Common Core approach to math instruction and gain general math-teaching proficiency.

Teach For America will pilot the Conceptua Math curriculum in the 2013-2014 school year, with 90 teachers planning to use the all-digital curriculum to enhance teachers’ mathematical knowledge of teaching and classroom mathematics instruction. Then, a projected 300 incoming Teach for America teachers will start using Conceptua Math during the 2014 Teach For America Summer Institutes. The use of Conceptua Math with these teachers will instill best practices in mathematics instruction around the Common Core.

“Conceptua is fully aligned with the Teach For America mission of providing well-prepared teachers to low income communities to ensure all students have access to high quality instruction,” said Arjan Khalsa, CEO at Conceptua Math. “We are honored to partner with Teach For America to help teachers quickly get up to speed on best practices in mathematics instruction.”

About Conceptua Math
Conceptua Math, an innovator in online K–8 math curriculum, was founded by a team of educational publishing and research leaders with a mission to transform the teaching and learning of mathematics. Conceptua Math offers best-in-class visual models that are based on leading research, interactive discussion guides that empower a teacher to facilitate the Standards for Mathematical Practice, and adaptive teaching technology that allows a teacher to diagnose and remediate student misconceptions.

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