October 21, 2013 – intelliVOL, creators of x2VOL, is offering schools a free 60-day trial of its award-winning x2VOL community service tracking and reporting platform. The free trial is available until the end of this year, which spans the time when students are most likely to volunteer.

x2VOL is a platform to manage information and generate reports about the hours students give to community service and service learning. This secure system allows school administrators to measure community impact, post opportunities, and quickly track and approve student volunteer hours and service learning projects. Students benefit from a single, online source to manage and record the volunteering hours they give which can then be attached to college applications and scholarship applications. A free mobile app for students makes it easier to log hours and write reflections while on the go. Non-profits manage their own events, publish opportunities, and verify hours for students through the secure x2VOL database.

A case study written by Assistant Principal Rom Crespo from Morton Ranch High School (Katy, Texas) and published by eSchoolNews, recommends that schools use an online system to manage community service. “Students are digital natives, so the required tasks to participate in community service must reflect how they get things done…” writes Mr. Crespo who uses x2VOL for his school’s club, Maverick Achieving through Volunteer Service (MAVS). Students at Morton Ranch High School gave more than 9,000 hours to local charities in 2012-13.

When asked if he would say to other schools considering using x2VOL, Mr. Crespo said, “I promise you will be amazed on how easy it is to use and how many more organizations will be willing to sign up to post their upcoming events. The students love x2VOL’s user-friendly format and administrators will not miss the large stacks of papers and binders!”

To sign up for the free trial call 866-906-6400 or to learn more, go to intelliVOL.com and click on DEMO.

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