Four New Jersey shore-area school districts have recently agreed to employ Vantage Learning’s award-winning MY Access! in six of their schools to strengthen the writing skills of its more than 1700 students. With the use of MY Access!, a writing development solution that uses of artificial intelligence and linguistics technology to augment learning skills, students receive instant feedback, which not only improves their ability to write correctly and effectively, but also allows them to have fun while learning.

“It is no secret that reading and writing are the most essential of life-long learning skills, and the Common Core State Standards have set that into policy,” says Bruce Preston, Regional Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the four districts. “In our consortium of Monmouth Beach, Oceanport, Shore Regional and West Long Branch school districts, we are always looking for ways to monitor and inform student’s reading and writing abilities. MY Access! removes two of the biggest obstacles to that process: ambiguous scores and slow turn-around time for those scores. MY Access! gives students, parents, and teachers usable, goal-orientated data, and it does so almost immediately after submission. This type of feedback, mixed with the enormous options for content area essay prompts, makes MY Access! a strategic part of building our writing performance in all subject areas.”

According to the National Assessment of Education Progress’ most recent survey, only one in four eighth graders and one in four 12th graders were proficient or advanced in writing.

“A student’s ability to write well can improve his or her opportunities for higher education and gainful employment,” says Keith Webster, President of Vantage Learning. “That’s why we place so much importance on providing tools that quickly and efficiently help them become better writers and communicate more effectively. In this way, Vantage hopes to improve the world at large by improving a student’s learning capabilities, one student at a time.”

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