October 2013.

The English language learner (ELL) population is growing faster than any student segment in schools, PreK-12. ELLs are now in almost every classroom across the country, and many ELLs and former ELLs are in mainstream content classrooms. These students are being held to the same rigorous academic standards as their native- and fluent English speaking peers. Yet, in many cases classroom teachers do not have the experience or training to meet the unique needs of ELLs, specifically developing these students’ content knowledge and academic language so that they can be successful. The ELL academic achievement gap is large, and many ELLs are literally not making the grade, particularly at the secondary level.

Teaching English Learners, LCC (http://www.teachingenglishlearners.com) was founded by two former teachers–one a California-based science teacher and teacher educator, the other a former ESL teacher–to specifically help ensure successful teaching of English learners and these students’ academic success. The hundreds of class-tested strategies and activities available to members will help teachers develop ELLs’ academic vocabulary, content literacy, and understanding of academic content: math, science, English language arts, history/social studies, and other subject areas.

Teaching English Learners’ Member benefits include:

– Access to hundreds (soon to be thousands) of teacher-tested PDF, PowerPoint, and video lesson plans, activities, and strategies for teachers to use with English learners in the content classroom.
– Materials in five categories for easy browsing: Strategies for ELL Success, Building Content Area Literacy, Building Academic Language and Vocabulary, Assessment, and Content Specific Activities.
– Professional development, including practical “One Minute Strategies” video clips, sheltered instruction model units and lesson plans, and Skype workshops and webinars for your school or district.

New members receive a free Skype PD session by ELL teacher educator Ron Rohac, demonstrating effective activities and strategies that all teachers can immediately and successfully integrate into their daily lesson plans. The result? Every student will be successful, including your ELLs!

Visit the Teaching English Learners website at http://www.teachingenglishlearners.com, or contact Lise Ragan, Publisher (lise.ragan@teachingenglishlearners.com) or Ron Rohac, Author (ron.rohac@teachingenglishlearners.com) for more information.

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