CPO Science Crazy Traits and Fast Food Value Pack Honored as Among the Best in Classroom-Tested, Teacher-Recommended Products

PORTLAND, Ore. (October 24, 2013) – Today at the National Science Teachers’ Association (NSTA) Conference, School Specialty announced that two of its supplemental educational resources are winners of the 2014 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Classroom from “Learning” magazine. CPO Science Crazy Traits and Fast Food Value Pack were both honored as among the very best in classroom-tested, teacher-recommended products.

Each year, a nationwide panel of teacher-judges names the standouts in books, classroom supplies, educational games, websites and more. Both School Specialty Science programs underwent two rounds of rigorous judging for quality, instructional value, ease of use and innovation and the products with the top scores are selected to win.

“At School Specialty Science and Math, we believe that engaging, hands-on learning tools provide students with a great environment for learning complex concepts,” said Rick Holden, Executive Vice President and President of School Specialty Curriculum. “It is an honor to have two of those tools – CPO Science Crazy Traits and the Fast Food Math Value Pack – honored by the Teachers’ Choice Awards’ educator-judges.”

CPO Science Crazy Traits is a fun and innovative manipulative to help students learn about genetics and evolution. Through a series of games and activities, they learn that the traits people and animals inherit from their parents are based on chance. Additionally, the concepts surrounding traits, alleles, genotypes, and phenotypes are also explored. Students flip special coins that are used to represent each parent, record their results and build a “Crazy Traits” creature based on their results.

The Fast Food Value Pack is a math manipulative that introduces students to the concepts of place value, whole number operation, fractions and decimals. Fast Food Math is part of Delta Education’s comprehensive line of specialized curriculum solutions and allows students to quickly master difficult math concepts including base ten, fractions, and decimals.

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