Have you seen our polls from last week on the latest technology news and innovation in education?

eschool-news-polleSchool News conducted several polls over the past week, surveying reader attitudes on augmented learning, Common Core standards and data privacy.

In Report: ELA teachers not implementing Common Core, when asked if ELA Common Core standards can increase student reading achievement, the majority of readers (69 percent) answered yes, and that teachers should begin including Common Core State Standard texts. Twenty percent of readers replied no, but believed that improvements could be made in the way teacher’s teach reading skills.

This poll is still open and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Please vote and comment here.

In Augmented reality snags a coveted spot in classrooms, a 60% majority replied that they have heard of augmented reality, and hoped that it would be implemented in their school district. Seven percent were familiar with augmented learning, but did not think it was the right time for schools to use. The remaining one-third were not familiar with this practice and would consider researching it.

Have you heard of augmented reality? Share your thoughts here

In Three state approaches to student data privacy, the majority of readers (75%) polled felt that their districts can do more to safeguard student privacy. Do you agree? Please vote and comment here.

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