Wichita Public Schools USD 259 has recently agreed to employ Vantage Learning’s award-winning MY Access! for 3,000 of its students to strengthen their writing skills. With the use of MY Access!, a writing development solution that augments the ability to learn through the use of artificial intelligence and linguistics technology, students receive instant feedback to improve their ability to become better writers, making it both fun and exciting for them to use and learn.

“We’re very happy that so many students in Wichita will be able to use MY Access! so they can quickly and efficiently become better writers and communicate more effectively,” says Keith Webster, President of Vantage Learning. “A student’s ability to write well can optimize his or her opportunities for higher education and gainful employment.”

According to the National Assessment of Education Progress’ most recent survey, only one in four eighth graders and one in four 12th graders were proficient or advanced in writing.

“Vantage has always considered our interests to be inseparable from the needs of school children around the country,” Webster concludes, “and we feel strongly that it is our social responsibility to provide assistance in areas that will generate the most positive impact. In this way, Vantage hopes to improve the world at large by improving a student’s learning capabilities, one student at a time.”

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