Finding free assessment tools for one-to-one programs

Monica Burns, a New York City educator and ed-tech blogger, compiled a list of free assessment tools educators can use with one-to-one programs.


  • Use to create interactive presentations
  • Teachers share content with students and control activity through the Nearpod app
  • Embed quizzes, polls, and interactive responses
  • Teachers monitor one-to-one classroom activity and measure student results on an individual and aggregate basis


  • Assign quizzes
  • Students submit files
  • Teachers use a message board to make announcements


  • Collect data on positive and negative behaviors
  • Print out reports to share with parents and students
  • Available via iPad app and web browser
  • Can give awards when students demonstrate positive behavior


  • Create customized one-to-one assessments
  • Use different formats such as multiple choice, short answer, and true/false
  • “Smart” student response system using educational exercises and games

Poll Everywhere

  • Free K-12 basic account lets teachers collect up to 40 responses for an unlimited number of classes
  • Polls can be in multiple choice, true/false, open-ended, and can include equations and live word clouds


  • Record student work and use video capture for screen activity
  • Share on multiple platforms and send as eMail
  • Use portfolio portion to check for student comprehension

The Answer Pad

  • Create an electronic answer sheet to correspond to existing paper tests
  • Students use a web broswer or iPad app to record answers using one-to-one devices
  • Comes preloaded with the Common Core State Standards for math and reading, but accommodates other frameworks

Google Forms

  • Create forms (click the red “Create” button in Google Drive) to track student progress
  • Forms can act like a survey to quiz students

Laura Ascione

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