One-to-one motivations: It’s not about the device

Administrators should place goals above devices when it comes to one-to-one

mobile-deviceIn the world of education, it is rare to not hear discussion about providing a device for every student. We read research articles about it and we read newspaper articles about the latest school to move to a one-to-one environment.

As a superintendent, I receive weekly eMails about marketing devices, protective cases, learning management systems, mobile device management systems, and professional development. In a world so inundated with information about moving to one-to-one, one can quickly get drawn into the most important question that needs to be asked: Why go one-to-one?

Our school district made the leap to one-to-one this year at the high school level. Yes, we purchased mobile device management, cases, devices, professional development, a learning management system, and insurance—but before we did all of that we spent time wrestling with tough questions.

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