Program from SchoolReach is the only anonymous reporting program to win awards in both 2012 and 2013

St. Louis, MO – November 15, 2013 – The CyberBully Hotline from SchoolReach was the only standalone K-12 anonymous reporting program to win a 2013 Award of Excellence from Tech & Learning Magazine.

The respected industry journal’s annual awards program recognized the CyberBully Hotline for a second time in 2013, giving the service back-to-back wins before its second birthday.

“The CyberBully Hotline debuted in March 2012 and was recognized as a Best New Product by Tech & Learning later that year,” said Margaret Schatz, national marketing director for SchoolReach. “In 2013, thanks to the innovative upgrades we introduced, the service was honored in the Best Upgraded Product category.”

Those upgrades came in version 2.0 of the product, which was released in June 2013. A keyword flagging feature, an inbox message auto-resolve feature, and a collaborative notes feature were introduced to add functionality to the product while making it even easier to use at the same time.

“We were praised by the 2012 Awards of Excellence committee for the simplicity of our user interface,” said Ms. Schatz. “We wanted to maintain that simplicity for our users in 2013, and the upgrades we introduced do just that.”

With version 2.0 of the CyberBully Hotline, management of anonymous reports is easier from start to finish. The keyword flagging feature screens all incoming text messages and flags messages containing specified keywords (i.e. “gun” or “suicide”) as high priority reports. The collaborative notes feature allows school administrators to make notes on report from within the CyberBully Hotline system. And the inbox auto-resolve feature helps administrators keep their report inboxes clean by automatically resolving message threads that have no activity after a designated period of time.

“In less than two years, the CyberBully Hotline has helped schools across the country handle problems such as bullying, fighting, locker theft, and more,” said Ms. Schatz. “These awards, along with the success of our clients, is confirmation that we’re doing something right.”

About the CyberBully Hotline

The CyberBully Hotline is a comprehensive anonymous reporting program designed to help K-12 schools and districts. The system is used to facilitate two-way anonymous communications between school leaders and students on issues like bullying, school violence, mental health issues, and more. Offered by SchoolReach, a leading provider of school communications technology, the service provides students and parents with a pathway to report difficult problems they are struggling with. For more information, please visit

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