Putting augmented reality into practice

First, I brought the dragon to life. It jumped out of the page, started flying around, and the students were amazed. I pushed a button on the screen and it started breathing fire as it flew over the village below. You could see the amazement on my students’ faces….I had them hooked. Then, we put the iPad over the picture of the girl, and she started dancing around her room while music played in the background. Lastly, we brought the hot air balloon to life and watched as it sailed over many different locations along the earth.

Now that I had my students deeply engaged, I told them to write a story that went along with the picture they created and brought to life. The students couldn’t get back to their seats fast enough–they were like a swarm of bees heading back to the hive to get to their honey.

When they got back to their seats, the only thing you could hear was the sound of their pencils etching their stories into their paper, like a sculptor chiseling away at marble, working on his masterpiece. When I did tell them it was time to stop, I was met with a unison of “auuughhhh.” They didn’t want to stop writing. When that happens, you know you have them hooked!

They did an amazing job writing stories that went along with the pictures that they had just brought to life. Now they not only had an exciting story to share, but they had a 3D animated character living in that space, which captured the reader even more. They were so proud of their stories. Each student wanted to share theirs with the class.

Using augmented reality in the classroom creates engagement unlike anything I’ve ever seen in all my years teaching. It reaches out and grabs the students and brings them in for a unique experience. Using augmented reality to inspire creative writing is just one way to bring this amazing technology into your classroom. Please stay tuned for more articles on using augmented reality in the classroom and tying it into the curriculum.

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Brad Waid is an energetic and passionate educator who inspires educational change through technology and Augmented reality. He is one of the co-founders of AR Detroit, one of the co-host of the “2 Guys Show”, a co-founder of Two Guys and Some iPads blog (, featured on and sits on the Advisory boards of two Educational Technology companies.

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