Schoology is a winner of Tech & Learning magazine’s 2013 Awards of Excellence, recognizing Schoology for continuing to evolve and meet the changing technology needs of educators and students. For over 30 years, Tech & Learning (T&L) has recognized outstanding education technology products, many of which are among the top products in the education market today. This is the second year Schoology has been selected by the panel of educators who evaluate the education products based on usability, relevance to today’s classroom, innovation and excellence.

Schoology is a learning management system (LMS) bringing educators and students together in a collaborative platform to create and manage curricula, increase communication and streamline administration. By pioneering new ways to seamlessly integrate third-party tools and content into its platform, Schoology makes the learning experience more cohesive for students and enables educators to better engage students, personalize learning while saving time.

“Winning the Tech & Learning Award of Excellence two years in a row confirms not only that Schoology is one of the highest quality education technologies on the market, but also that our continued development is in line with the needs of students and educators around the world,” said Jeremy Friedman, Schoology CEO. “The increasing need for integrated technologies has proven to be a dominant theme sweeping the education technology landscape. With an increasingly crowded EdTech product marketplace, having the capability to integrate technologies is now a prerequisite to actual usage. At Schoology, we have adopted industry standards, such as LTI, and created new methods of integration that empower educators to find and easily use the best tools and content, regardless of the provider. Developments like these keep Schoology among the top learning management solutions.”

More than three million users at over 40,000 universities, colleges and K-12 schools use Schoology to boost student engagement and streamline curriculum management. Schoology brings educators and students from around the world together in conversation, collaborative learning and resource sharing.

See why 2013 Ohio Teacher of the Year says Schoology is a “top five” classroom tool in this Wall Street Journal video:

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