OpenEd Launches Public API

EdTech Developers Can Integrate Common Core-Aligned Videos and Games Into Their Sites For Free

Los Gatos, CA – November 14, 2013 – OpenEd today announced that OpenEd’s catalog of over 250,000 standard-aligned videos and games can now be easily used by other websites or apps using a new publicly available API. This allows any EdTech offering to easily tap in to OpenEd’s searchable, teacher-curated catalog – or contribute their own educational content to OpenEd, using a simple API call.

Also, as a large scale demonstration of the API in use, as of today, the full source code of the OpenEd® website is available open source via MIT license on GitHub. For details on the OpenEd API and source code go to

With the world’s largest catalog of standard-aligned videos and games – all curated by educators, OpenEd provides educators, parents, and now, developers with a simple tool to find videos and games that enliven lesson plans and aid students in class or at home. Whether you are writing an assessment tool for testing students and want to suggest remediation resources, providing a content creation tool where you want to offer related resources, or developing a game where associated videos may be helpful, anyone can use OpenEd’s API for free.

“OpenEd has the most extensive collection of Common Core learning resources available today,” said Tony Thomas, Founder of Edcite. “Their easy-to-use API allows us to make these resources directly available to teachers and students in our application.”

“While building OpenEd we noticed that there were few tools and APIs available for accessing resources on learning standards,” said Lisa Blum, VP of Marketing at OpenEd. “This made our job much harder, but also made us see that other EdTech products could use access to Common Core aligned resources. If you are an EdTech company with a need for API access to our resource catalog or just want to use parts of our website code, we want to help you.”

“Using OpenEd’s API is an enormous opportunity for a startup like Nutmeg. Access to resources on this scale has, until now, only been reserved for companies willing to work with some of the major publishers,” said Jonathan Modica, Founder and CEO of Nutmeg Education. “Because of OpenEd, we don’t need to go down that path. The API offers an incredible amount of resources and was extremely easy for our team to integrate in to our system.”

Pricing and Availability
OpenEd is available today and free for anyone, including teachers, parents and developers. To learn more visit

About OpenEd
OpenEd was founded in 2012 with the goal of enabling teachers to have access to the best educational resources (videos, games, and exercises) for their students, especially for finding the right resources for Common Core standards. To do this, OpenEd has built the world’s largest catalog of educational videos. OpenEd is committed to keeping all content available free to all educators worldwide.


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