VINCI offers blended learning for pre-K

eSN: Explain how, and why, you’ve adopted a “blended learning” approach that combines technology with traditional instruction.

Dan: There are both limitations and potentials with technology. Technology shouldn’t replace traditional teaching. And it shouldn’t replace crayons; kids still have to refine their motor skills. Technology is only part of the solution, and so we try to leverage technology along with traditional learning.

In a typical class, teachers can use videos to introduce a concept, then reinforce this concept through hands-on instruction or with their own existing materials.

eSN: What do you think has been missing when it comes to integrating technology in schools—and how is VINCI’s approach different?

Dan: Sometimes, you’ll go into a classroom and see equipment sitting in the corner, gathering dust. Teachers have all these different pieces, but they aren’t integrated for the sake of making life easier for the teacher.

We’ve taken a holistic approach that combines curriculum, learning management, and professional development. We provide guides showing how to use the curriculum to enhance learning. We show teachers how to use the LMS to reveal how each child is learning, and teachers can use this tool to assign work at home, too, so the parents are part of the child’s learning—which is very important.

These three pieces—curriculum, learning management, and professional development—are all integrated, and none should be emphasized over the others. If you’re missing any of these three items, you won’t get the full benefit of technology.

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