The Mathventure eBook series for 3rd Grade is now available on iBookstore.

Whether you’re dealing with students in the public or private school sectors, students working at home,
special-needs students who don’t necessarily fit within a traditional teaching infrastructure, or students
who are looking for an extra teaching aid, Baobab Education offers amazing, interactive eBooks for the
iPad that follow the U.S. standards for Common Core teaching.
These eBooks offer a wide variety of mathematical problems and activities that encourage students
to reason, develop problem-solving strategies, communicate their solutions, and make connections
between concepts and processes. Baobab Education’s authors spent many years writing math
textbooks for a similar education reform that was launched in Quebec, Canada in 2000. The reform
helped propel Quebec’s students to the #5 spot in math (PISA).
Download these eBooks today from Apple’s iBookstore. You will be amazed!

Mathventure for 3rd Grade: Operations, Fractions, Geometry
The complete Common Core math curriculum for 3rd grade in one book!
A fully interactive math eBook using compelling and diversified themes that
put math into real life, age-appropriate contexts.
Learn operations, fractions and geometry via fun and interactive activities.

Mathventure for 3rd Grade: Focus on Operations
Need to work only on Common Core operations?
Learn multiplication, division—even algebraic thinking—as well as
related properties via lots of exciting, interactive activities.

Mathventure for 3rd Grade: Focus on Fractions
Need help with just fractions for the Common Core?
Develop and understand fractions with interactive activities that keep children interested.

Mathventure for 3rd Grade: Focus on Geometry
Want to extend your understanding of Common Core geometry?
Learn more about forms and measurement, and discover their
properties with interactive games and quizzes.

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