WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 22, 2013) – The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), the principal trade association for the software and digital content industries, today announced new members of its Postsecondary Sector Board of Directors. These newly appointed executives from SIIA member companies represent a broad spectrum of postsecondary-focused technology products and services.

Their board leadership will help SIIA address the specific needs of its postsecondary market members by:

  • Assuring that postsecondary member companies are getting the highest value for their membership
  • Planning and guiding programs focused specifically on the postsecondary market
  • Providing directional leadership to the Education Division in growing its postsecondary initiatives

Their membership on the board is more evidence of their companies’ leadership within the education technology industry

As board members, they represent the many SIIA Education Division member firms that provide educational software applications, digital content, online learning services, and related technologies across the postsecondary sector. The new board members will help develop initiatives and determine the projects, activities, and events the Education Division will undertake in 2014 and beyond for the postsecondary market.

“This board represents some of postsecondary’s leading influencers and market leaders,” said Karen Billings, SIIA Education Division vice president. “The SIIA staff values the opportunity to work collectively with them to advance our industry’s thought leadership initiatives.”

Bridget Foster, Steelcase Education Solutions, and Farimah Schuerman, Academic Business Advisors, the co-chairs of the Postsecondary Board added, “We are so pleased to be working with this new group of representatives from such key companies. This is not only the largest board ever, but it will provide dynamic leadership for the Education Division.”

Newly appointed board members are:

  • Susan Evans, Chief Executive Officer, SoftChalk LLC
  • Omid Jahanbin, Head of Global Marketing, Flat World Education, Inc.
  • Joana Jebsen, President, O’Donnell Learn
  • Richard Keaveny, Vice President, Technical Product Management, McGraw-Hill Education
  • Sandi Kirshner, Chief Marketing Officer, Cengage Learning
  • Mickey Levitan, Chief Executive Officer, Courseload
  • Kendrick McLish, Head of Strategy and Planning Pearson North America
  • Deb Meester, Director, Higher Education Sales & Service, Atomic Learning
  • Jack Reed, Head, Postsecondary Education Strategy, Promethean
  • Tatiana Sehring, Director, Corporate & Strategic Relationships, American Public University

Board members currently serving on the Postsecondary Sector Board:

  • Mike Diaz, Executive Director, Marketing and Strategic Initiatives, ProQuest
  • Bridget Foster (Co-Chair), Manager, Global Business Development, Steelcase Education Solutions
  • Kurt Gerdenich, SVP, Product Management & Technology, Vista Higher Learning
  • Isabella Hinds, Principal Consultant, Hinds & Associates (formerly Follett HE)
  • Kathryn Hughes, Vice President, Marketing, Owen Software
  • David Martz, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Muzzy Lane
  • Michael King, Vice President, Global Education Industry, IBM Corporation
  • Farimah Schuerman (Co-Chair), Managing Partner, Academic Business Advisors, LLC
  • Edward Walker, Ph.D., EVP, Strategy and Deployment, Consulting Services for Education
  • Sandi White, General Manager, Institutional Markets, Tutor.com

The Postsecondary Sector Board announcement comes soon after the release of a new Education Division report: SIIA U.S. Educational Technology Market: Higher Education, released in conjunction with CS4Ed. This report provides valuable information about the ed tech market in higher education, including the overall fiscal environment of the higher education market and how that impacts the educational technology sector. SIIA’s Postsecondary Sector Board of Directors and the Education Division Market Data and Analysis Committee provided direction and support by building consensus for the definitions of the categories. SIIA members can download the report for free and non-members can purchase the report.

For more information about the SIIA Education Division’s initiatives visit www.siia.net/education or email education@siia.net

About SIIA
The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) is the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry. SIIA provides global services in government relations, business development, corporate education, and intellectual property protection to more than 800 leading software and information companies. The SIIA Education Division serves and represents more than 180 member companies that provide software, digital content, and other technologies that address educational needs. The Division shapes and supports the industry by providing leadership, advocacy, business development opportunities, and critical market information. For more information, visit www.siia.net/education.

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