Word Prediction added to Read&Write for Google to Further Assist Struggling Students

Google Docs users can now access powerful Prediction engine when working in the Cloud

Woburn, MA, December 4, 2013 – Texthelp Inc., leading provider of award-winning literacy software solutions, is pleased to announce that Word Prediction for Google Docs is now available in a Read&Write for GoogleTM. Read&Write for Google provides support tools for Google Docs, the Web, PDFs, ePubs, and Kes files in Google Drive on PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks. This comprehensive solution allows struggling readers and writers, students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, and English Language Learners to access the supports they need within the Google environment.

Word prediction is a key component for many struggling writers and we knew that adding it to our Read&Write for Google offering was critical. Users of our desktop and iPad products already had access to our powerful prediction engine so we are happy to now offer it for anyone using Google Docs,” states Jack Dolan, President, Texthelp Inc.

Word prediction is not only a critical writing feature for many individuals struggling with writing, but helps those with dexterity issues by reducing the number of keystrokes, increases vocabulary, improves accuracy, and makes writing more enjoyable. A recent report comparing Word Prediction programs found that Prediction from Texthelp is more accurate and effective at reducing keystrokes.

The number of students using Google Apps for Education (GAFE) has grown to approximately 40 million students with more and more districts moving completely to the Google platform. The benefits to schools are immense, among them:

  • Easy and seamless collaboration between students and educators
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Google-managed deployment and updates
  • Apps available anytime, anywhere
  • Lower cost hardware (e.g. Chromebooks)

While the list of schools in both K-12 and Higher Education using GAFE continues to grow, technology for struggling readers and writers has not kept up. This has left many users faced with a lack of support tools when working in Google Apps.

Since Read&Write for Google’s release in August 2012, thousands of GAFE users in K-12 and Higher Education have downloaded it to access reading, writing, research, and studying supports. Many of them also have Read&Write Gold for the desktop or iReadWrite for the iPad and were looking for a solution that works on multiple platforms to meet their students needs.

One high school student states, “Now that I can use the same tools [as Read&Write Gold] in Google, it’s awesome. Everything I need is always there. It is unbelievable what a difference this makes. I couldn’t function without it and I’m not going to college without it!”

In addition to Word Prediction, other Read&Write for Google Features include:

  • Read aloud with dual color highlighting
  • Talking and Picture Dictionaries
  • Translator and Fact Finder
  • Highlighters, Collect highlights, and Vocabulary Builder
  • Annotations and Navigational tools


Read&Write for Google is available now. Free 30-day trials are available on the Chrome web store. Subscriptions are available for single users, groups of users, or for an entire domain. For more information, call Texthelp at 888-248-0652, email u.s.info@texthelp.com, or go to www.texthelp.com.

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Texthelp Inc. provides literacy software solutions for individuals, K-12, higher education, and publishers. Read&Write provides literacy solutions on the Desktop, Cloud, and iPad – Read&Write Gold for PC or Mac gives users access to reading, writing, studying, and research tools within commonly-used applications; Read&Write for Google makes Google Docs, the Web, PDFs, and ePubs accessible in the Cloud; and iReadWrite makes reading easier and writing more accurate on the iPad. Publishing solutions, Lexiflow and SpeechStream, allow publishers to deliver digital talking eBooks, assessments, and online content with support tools to make their content accessible to all.

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