Pitsco introduces Materials Deflection Tester and Magnetic Build Fixture

Bring new insight to structure-building activities in the classroom with Pitsco Education’s new Materials Deflection Tester and Magnetic Build Fixture.

Whether you are building bridges, towers, or other model structures, two key elements for the science, technology, and engineering concepts of these activities are material strength and flexibility. Using the Materials Deflection Tester, teachers and students can investigate the strength of different materials or make comparisons such as balsa wood versus basswood, laminated versus non-laminated, and solid versus composite. Plus, the amount of deflection can also be a measure of flexibility.

The Tester, which includes 500 grams of mass, gauges how much a material deflects when weight is applied. A dial shows exactly how much deflection occurs. The weight is adjustable, and the materials can be placed in the cantilever, fixed, or slider position in the tester.

When the building process starts, the Magnetic Build Fixture comes in handy. While foam board and pins or Pitsco’s Accu-Fixtures are the traditional means of holding items in place, this fixture enables a construction method using magnetism to hold things securely in place as glue dries. The fixture also fits in Pitsco’s Construction Caddy II. Using the vertical angle plates, more magnets can be added to hold pieces up to the angle plates for vertical construction. This eliminates the need to hold pieces for minutes or to tape or pin them together until they dry.

To learn more about these new structure-building tools, visit www.pitsco.com.

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