Arlington, Va. (Dec. 10, 2013) – From recovering business growth to the impacts of the new universal healthcare program, understanding how the economy works is increasingly important. The Institute for Humane Studies (IHS) at George Mason University launched EDvantage, an online curriculum hub for educators, providing supplemental curriculum resources. The hub helps professors and high school teachers capture students’ attention by using timely, relevant examples.

“Educators tell us that their students respond best to instruction that includes meaningful, real-world examples, and the content curated on EDvantage gives them the means to do that,” said Scott Barton, director of online education for IHS. “Economic conditions affect all of us everyday, so educating students about the ‘how’ and ‘why’ is important.”

EDvantage provides more than 1,000 resources for economics instruction, including articles, educational videos, and other resources curated from online sources. Navigating the web for teaching resources can prove time-consuming. EDvantage is designed to make these high-quality and creative materials easily accessible so educators can effortlessly supplement their lesson planning. An editorial board comprised of higher education faculty reviews materials included on EDvantage.

“Connecting instruction to current events helps me demonstrate to my students the importance and relevance of what I’m teaching,” said Ed Tower, professor at Duke University and member of the EDvantage editorial board. “The EDvantage team selects content from a wide array of perspectives, helping educators paint a full picture of the oftentimes-complex economic landscape.”

With access to a wide variety of content, educators can select the materials that complement their teaching methods and students’ learning styles. Resources available through EDvantage today focus on economics and business education. Subject areas currently in development include philosophy, history, political science, law, business ethics and more. To learn more about how EDvantage can help with economics instruction, visit

About EDvantage
EDvantage is the curriculum hub for educators. The free online portal curates high-quality resources, including videos, articles, and supplemental learning guides, so instructors can spend less time searching and more time teaching. Designed to provide educators with creative supplements, EDvantage is a dynamic resource for professors and high school teachers looking to expand their lessons beyond the traditional textbook. Resources embrace views from across the ideological spectrum, encouraging the development of critical thinking skills. EDvantage is a project of the Institute for Humane Studies at George Mason University. For more information, visit

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