Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools S. Dallas Dance shares eight steps to help students succeed in the global economy.


Listening to yourself read to improve fluency, speed, and pronunciation. Building computational skills with exercises that adapt to your level and interests. Re-watching a mini-lesson at your pace. Continuing a classroom discussion through blogs and online forums to enrich evaluation of texts. Sharing pictures and videos of your work with your parents on your e-portfolio.

This is the student experience of the instructional digital conversion in Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), which touches everything we do through eight conversions—curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development, infrastructure, policy, budget, and communications.

The heart of Blueprint 2.0, our five-year strategic plan focused on academics, safety, communications, and organizational effectiveness, is equitable access to digital learning environments and second language proficiency that will prepare all students to graduate globally competitive.

Some ask: Why disrupt the status quo in a district where many students achieve at high levels? Our rationale is simple and urgent. Even our on-time graduates need new skills in an economy where success depends not on what you know, but what you can do with what you know, as described by international researcher Andreas Schleicher.