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24 of the best free education apps of 2014

Top picks for free apps in every subject

apps-freeEach week of the year we round up an education oriented App of Week for educators to use on their own or with students. Here we’ve curated all the free apps we’ve featured in 2014, covering everything from maker spaces to geography to media creation.

1. TinyTap
A free DIY app creation platform for making your own interactive games, featuring educational games, interactive lessons and presentations, visual quizzes, music activities, and illustrated stories.

2. Brainly
Got a problem with homework? Get the Brainly app and ask questions about what’s causing you trouble. [Android]

3. Test Precision
Test Precision is an eLearning platform for college admission test (SAT & ACT) preparation. Rather than spitting out a series of questions, the technology platform assesses the student’s individual strengths and weaknesses to create highly personalized curriculum that actually focuses on improving their scores. [Android]

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