The December 2013-January 2014 issue of The Pitsco Network is now online! Go to for these stories and more:

• English Language Learners excel in California: From increased algebra and science scores to English learners teaching each other, new Pitsco curriculum has facilitated success across the board in California.
• Pitsco Education & Chevron Energy Solutions create true sustainability: In Nuevo, California, a Pitsco-Chevron partnership means real-world lessons for students.
• ACT WorkKeys® profiler correlates Pitsco Modules to necessary job skills: Four Pitsco Modules were recently profiled by an ACT WorkKeys profiler. See what skill levels your students could reach!
• SySTEM Alert! Once again, this STEM newsletter for middle school students delivers! See the Auto-Clean Classroom entry in the student challenge, read about a new way to strengthen bridges, learn how space junk is cleaned up, and much more. Download a printable PDF at

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