Prey Anti-Theft Software announces remote device-wipe for data protection on lost and stolen Android devices

Santiago, Chile January 08, 2013- PREY, K12’s partner in device security, announces a new level of information security with the addition of Device-Wipe for Android users – the ability to wipe all the data from missing or stolen devices. To date, millions of students, school & district personnel, and parents around the world rely on PREY anti-theft software to help them locate and recover a device that is lost and stolen. They can now rest even easier as their devices can be remotely wiped to protect all sensitive information that may be on them.

Device Wipe is the perfect solution for Prey users to protect the highly sensitive data and identifying content on your devices like student’s email and pictures, student or teacher information records, or district network access. Simply login in to your Prey Pro account and identify the missing device. Prey takes care of the rest, erasing all the information and keeping students’ and districts’ safe from prying eyes.

“At Prey, we work hard to meet the unique needs of our school-based users. One of their primary concerns when implementing 1:1 or BYOD in their districts is protecting their most vulnerable users and keeping data private. Device recovery is the first step, but privacy is the most important factor for many and for that reason, we implemented Device Wipe,” comments Prey Co-Founder and CEO, Tomas Pollak.

Prey, a leading provider of cross-platform, anti-theft and device recovery, is being included in school district’s device management & security portfolios to protect their various tech initiatives. Prey Pro Accounts let schools access Device Wipe, allowing administrators to manage hundreds of devices from one account, run hardware scans to identify device changes and check-in information, letting a user know when the last time any single device was used.

From MacBooks and iPads, PC’s and Window’s devices to Android and Linux platforms, Prey offers all users features like geolocation, lock & delete passwords; as well as the ability to lock and delete passwords or to take screen shots & photos from a device camera once a device is reported missing.

Remote device wipe features for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms will be available in 2014, please watch for more exciting news from PREY.

For more about Prey and to sign up for a complimentary trial, visit them online at: www.preyproject.com/education

About Prey:

Prey is a privately held software company founded in 2008. The Prey team is comprised of developers and tech folks with years of experience in building platforms, apps and more that are always looking for ways to keep technology and its users protected and safe.

At Prey, our users and the devices we protect always come first. Our creative thinking and dedication to detail allows Prey to provide the best possible solution for any device, regardless of platform.

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