Leading school notification system provider helps school leaders across the country communicate with parents during winter storms

ST. LOUIS, MO – Of all the different kinds of numbers that have helped describe the severity of the nation’s recent winter storms – temperature, number of beds set up in emergency shelters, and so forth – the number that best describes the weather’s effect on our schools can be provided by SchoolReach.

School leaders across the country used SchoolReach to send more than 6.02 million voice, text, and e-mail messages in a span of just 30 hours between Sunday, January 5 and Monday, January 6. The highest voice call volume was seen during a three hour stretch on Sunday, when SchoolReach helped send more than 1 million calls.

“School administrators use SchoolReach to send voice, e-mail, and text messages on any issue,” said Paul Langhorst, co-founder of SchoolReach. “Our patented technology allows schools to broadcast messages that go out and get delivered to parents quickly.”

Market surveys estimate that more than 90% of public, private, and parochial schools in the U.S. have some sort of school notification system to broadcast messages to parents. In addition to providing updates to TV and radio stations, school administrators turn to applications like SchoolReach when severe weather strikes or emergencies happen.

Despite the huge volume of messages sent over the past few days, SchoolReach has handled even greater messaging volumes during previous winter storms. For example, during the 2011 winter storm that affected 39 different states, SchoolReach sent a total of 9.2 million voice, text, and e-mail messages in a span of just 96 hours (January 31 – February 3).

SchoolReach has customers in every U.S. state, and has seen firsthand how the winter weather has affected each state hit with winter storms. “We delivered most of our school closing messages on Sunday and Monday, as school leaders across the Midwest and Northeast chose to call off school,” said Mr. Langhorst.

“With freezing temperatures and snow packed roads affecting numerous states, many school leaders have needed to call off school over the past few days,” Mr. Langhorst continued. “SchoolReach has helped schools across the country stay in touch with parents during this difficult blast of winter weather.”

About SchoolReach
SchoolReach helps facilitate parent communications via voice, text, and e-mail message for thousands of K-12 schools from coast to coast. School leaders nationwide have trusted SchoolReach for more than 11 years to handle their most important school to home communications. The SchoolReach platform helps schools send school closing calls, emergency messages, school lockdown notifications, meeting notices, attendance calls, lunch balance reminders, and much more. SchoolReach also offers the CyberBully Hotline, a two-way anonymous communication system that helps members of the school community report bullying, violence, and other issues. For more information on SchoolReach, please visit schoolreach.com.

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