10 interactive math apps for K-12 students

2. Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, $3.99; Kindle, $4.99

Using familiar characters, young children and students have the option of playing five different games, including a counting game, number identification, number comparison, addition/subtraction, and a number line game. Each game helps preschoolers learn about critical and fundamental math concepts.


3. Math Bingo, iPhone and iPad, $.99

Children can choose from 12 different cartoon avatars to play 5 bingo math games (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mixed) on three different difficulty levels. Students must correctly answer math problems in order to get a pattern of five Bingo Bugs in a row. Feedback and correct solutions to incorrectly-answered problems are provided.
4. TallyTots, iPhone/iPad/iTouch, Android, Kindle Fire; $0.99+

This math app is designed to help toddlers learn how to count. They count aloud with an onscreen voice from numbers 1-20, and are able to complete interactive activities as a reward.


5. MathBoard, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, $4.99

The chalkboard-style of this math app presents and reinforces math concepts to students in a straightforward fashion. Students are able to customize the app and generate quizzes tailored to their individual needs.


6. DragonBox+ AlgebraiPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, $5.99

Students learn basic algebra concepts through a game that uses linear equations. Players solve the equations and manipulate cards to isolate a “DragonBox” on one side of the game board, which helps them learn to isolate X on one side of an equation. Cards are replaced by numbers and variables that build on the operations players have learned throughout the game.


7. Slice It!, iPhone/iPad, Android (Amazon and Google Play), $0.99

In this math game, students use math skills and spatial relations to slice shapes into a certain number of equal-sized parts. There are more than 200 stages, each with a new shape.


8. Einstein Math Academy, Android, Free

K-5 students practice and strengthen their arithmetic skills using basic operations. Students move through problem sets and receive gold or silver pieces to boost their scores as they complete problem sets correctly.


9. Kids Math, Android, Free

Students answer 10 questions on each level within a certain time limit, and are rewarded with more time to answer the next questions with each correct answer they give. Questions and math equations are generated dynamically and cover many different types of math concepts, including fractions, number order, and more.


10. Mathmateer, iPhone/iPad, $0.99

Students use this math app to build a rocket ship and launch it into space, but must complete basic math challenges in order to earn money. Challenges include patterns and shapes, telling time, and fractions.

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