SAN FRANCISCO, January 14, 2013

Today, UClass is announcing a pilot program for its new product for schools. Brought to you by the Common Core lesson exchange for teachers, this new platform brings crowdsourcing to districts and counties. The content software company will partner with ten chosen school districts to outfit a Common Core resource exchange that meets district and county content needs. pools Common Core content across the district in one place. This centralized and searchable content management system helps teachers find resources that suit their classroom needs. By putting the district’s best material at teachers’ fingertips, UClass wants to save teacher planning time and drive higher student outcomes on new Common Core standards.

With the popular adoption of crowd-sourced solutions across industries, education has yet to experience the disruptive power of the masses. As best practices, effective pedagogies and proven material disseminate across the education ecosystem, teachers will gain a better understanding of how to teach Common Core standards and be plugged into a network of teachers who can provide their expertise. This sharing, in turn, drives student achievement by putting the most prepared, highly equipped teacher at the helm of every classroom.

The pilot will give a select number of school districts the opportunity to leverage the proven model of crowdsourcing in their schools.Participating school districts will receive their own customized content management system through 2014. In addition to receiving over 2,000 Common Core-aligned resources from UClass, professional development sessions, troubleshooting and technical support are provided. These districts partners will work closely with UClass to directly shape the future development and implementation of the platform. Participants will also be offered a special pilot price to use this new software — $1 per teacher per month.

School and district administrators can find more information and apply to the pilot at The deadline to apply is February 15, 2014. The pilot will begin on March 1, 2014.

For more information, contact Chris Yim, Pilot Director and UClass Co-founder, at

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