New: 10 of the best Apple and Android apps for education in 2014

These recent apps reveal the ever-developing needs of teachers and their technology-savvy students

apps-best-2014Last year we presented “10 of the best Apple apps for education in 2013,” which highlighted some of the best apps for mobile technology. However, with new upgrades in device capability, the emphasis on teacher proficiency, and implementing practical apps rather than “fun” apps with no real value, we’ve chosen a new list of the best Apple- and Android-based education apps for 2014.

This year’s list includes some of the newest (updated or released either late 2013 or January 2014) and most highly rated apps, both by educators and by parents, and features a range that spans from iPad tutorials for teachers to a safe browser for students, and from one of the best graphing calculator apps available to a classroom management app for students’ online portfolios.

Best of all? Many are free!

For every app we’ve listed, we’ve included a brief description, device compatibility, suggested use, features, price, and a link to a more in-depth summary with an option to purchase on iTunes or Google Play.

Don’t see an app you love on this list? Be sure to let us know—or leave a suggestion in the comment section.

[Editor’s note: Prices are current as of press time. Please note that app prices may fluctuate. Apps listed in alphabetical order.]

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Meris Stansbury

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