Organizations join together to provide professional development materials on bullying prevention and school safety topics to K-12 school administrators

ST. LOUIS, MO – SchoolReach, a leading provider of school notification systems and anonymous bully reporting solutions, has entered into a formal partnership with the nationally-renowned School Safety Advocacy Council.

“The School Safety Advocacy Council is one of the most respected school safety organizations in the United States,” said SchoolReach co-founder Paul Langhorst. “Their multi-discipline approach to reviewing the school environment helps protect students and make education safer. We are looking forward to collaborating with SSAC under this new partnership.”

At the core of the partnership is a collaborative effort to produce professional development materials for K-12 school administrators.

Under the headings of its SchoolReach parent notification brand and its CyberBully Hotline anonymous reporting brand, SchoolReach offers an ongoing Professional Development Series for school leaders. Each series is an ongoing slate of free webinars, white papers, and special reports, and both programs reach thousands of administrators across the country. Both series will now feature content from leading members of the SSAC.

“Like SchoolReach, SSAC members provide school leaders with guidance on important topics such as emergency notification and bullying prevention,” said Sean Burke, President of the School Safety Advocacy Council. “The combination of our team’s expertise in school safety and SchoolReach’s expertise in school communications is sure to create some valuable professional development opportunities for school administrators.”

School safety topics have long been a centerpiece of the SchoolReach Professional Development Series, while topics such as bullying prevention, violence prevention, and suicide prevention have traditionally been the focus of the CyberBully Hotline Professional Development Series. “In concert with the SSAC’s experts, both of our Professional Development Series will offer a new level of insight into the biggest challenges facing K-12 school leaders today,” said Mr. Langhorst.

SchoolReach will also have a presence at the SSAC’s two annual conferences: the National Conference on Bullying, held each year in February, and the National School Safety Conference, held each year in July.

“We’re looking forward to offering our customers and friends access to some of the nation’s foremost experts on school safety and bullying prevention,” said Mr. Langhorst.

About the School Safety Advocacy Council
The School Safety Advocacy Council (SSAC) was established as a collaborative partnership between education, law enforcement and emergency first responders. The council’s primary focus remains the conducting of school safety assessments, school safety drills and exercises, as well as the delivery of training to school personnel and law enforcement. The members of the SSAC team have acquired an average of 20 years of hands-on, professional school and community safety experience. For more information on the SSAC, please visit

About SchoolReach
For more than 11 years, SchoolReach has been a leading provider of communications technology solutions to U.S. K-12 schools. Schools in every U.S. state use SchoolReach software and mobile apps to send lockdown notifications, emergency messages, snow day calls, attendance notices, lunch balance reminders, and much more. In addition, SchoolReach offers its CyberBully Hotline program, which helps students and parents report bullying anonymously. For more on SchoolReach and the CyberBully Hotline, please visit and

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