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New Common Core resource aids students with special needs

3. Make Tech Happen: Find additional information on innovative ways to integrate technology in the classroom and implement technology school-wide in this section:

  • In Your Classroom: Find grab-and-go resources and research briefs illustrating ways to enhance classroom teaching through technology.
  • In Your School: Explore the Technology Implementation Practice Guide. Aligned to the guide are leadership support materials to assist school-wide technology planning.

4. Technology Implementation Practice Guide: The Technology Implementation Practice Guide meets educators where they are in their school-wide implementation process. It addresses questions such as:

  • Who is involved in the implementation process?
  • Who else needs to be on your school Leadership Team?
  • How do you budget for everything related to technology and the ripple effect (e.g., Internet access, upgrades, funding for apps)?
  • How do you make decisions about launching initiatives such as BYOD; One-to-One Computing; and using Chromebooks, Tablets, and mobile devices?
  • How do you support your teachers as they strive to integrate technology in classrooms? What kind of professional learning really makes a difference for struggling students?

5. PD Facilitator’s Guide: The Guide provides step-by-step guidance for PD leaders to use and customize the materials across a range of settings (e.g., workshops, team meetings, coaching sessions), including:

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