BILOXI, Miss. (Jan. 22, 2014) – The New Teacher Institute, provider of professional development and continuing education opportunities for new educators, is hosting its 3rd annual New Teacher Institute, Mississippi’s premier Common Core State Standards conference. The event, titled “Rock the Core,” is open to teachers and administrators, and will take place June 9-11 in Biloxi, Miss. This conference will give new educators a “jump start” into effective classroom teaching and management, paired with an in-depth overview on implementing the Common Core State Standards.

The three-day professional development event will offer instruction focused on how to become an effective educator, and how to better understand and implement the Common Core in today’s classrooms. From keynote presentations to breakout sessions, The New Teacher Institute will provide an innovative, high-level look at the standards, and expose new teachers to key classroom management techniques, curriculum and lesson development aligned to Common Core, instructional strategies, and best practices of the teaching profession.

“Research shows that a new teacher needs ongoing support in order to be successful,” said Candace McClendon, founder of The New Teacher Institute. “The intricacies of the Common Core, coupled with the stress of being new to the profession, can be overwhelming. The New Teacher Institute provides the support and Common Core blueprint educators need to be successful in the classroom.”

To provide educators firsthand insight into the Common Core, Sandra Alberti will serve as the event’s principle keynote speaker. Alberti serves as director of partnership initiatives and professional development for student achievement partners, an organization that was instrumental in the development of the Common Core State Standards. She oversaw specific strategies related to state standards, assessment, and professional development policy and implementation.

“As a student teacher, I see a gap in what I’ve learned in school and what is expected of me as a teacher,” said Kiara Booker, education major graduating from Delta State University in May 2014. “As an ambassador for the New Teacher Institute, I’m able to visit schools and see the best of the best in action. Reading and seeing are two different things for me.”

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The New Teacher Institute provides support and assistance to new educators as they enter the classroom and acclimate to their new role. With online events throughout the year, and the annual New Teacher Summer Institute, the company utilizes highly skilled education professionals to assist new teachers with developing crucial skills, including classroom management, Common Core-aligned curriculum development, instructional strategies and educator best practices. For more information, visit

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