ST. LOUIS, MO – The CyberBully Hotline has awarded eight students from across the country with cash and prizes after completing its first-annual Voice Against Bullying contest.

The contest invited students to create a 15-second video on the social media site Instagram that explained how their schools would be different if there were no bullying.

Students from across the country submitted video entries, and despite the strict time limitation, all of the videos featured thoughtful content.

One of the runners up, a middle school student from California, suggested that bullying was keeping some of his peers down. “If bullying didn’t exist, my school would have more successful students who would want to be something in life,” he said. “There needs to be a change.”

Another runner up talked about how students would feel better about themselves if there were no bullying. “If bullying didn’t exist, my school would be a much happier place. We would all have high self-esteem, confidence, and feel good about ourselves,” she said.

The grand prize winner, a middle school student in Missouri, created a video that encouraged her peers to stop bullying. “One voice, one action, could put an end to bullying,” she said. “So, are you with me? Let’s make a change.”

“The many contest entries we received are proof that bullying is alive and well in our schools,” said Margaret Schatz, national marketing director for the CyberBully Hotline. “They are also proof that students, when encouraged to raise their voices against bullying, can come up with some very creative ideas.”

Ms. Schatz encouraged administrators to look honestly at what is going on in their schools. “Many school leaders don’t believe bullying is a problem, but students know the truth,” said Ms. Schatz. “Bullying incidents that go unchecked leave schools and districts open to litigation and safety risks. We hope that this contest has given school leaders another opportunity to think about bullying and its impact on our students.”

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