TabPilot launches Breea tablets for wireless broadcasting to classroom projectors
New tablet line pairs with wireless receiver, also features HD screens and long battery life

CALHOUN, GA (January 29, 2014) – Today, TabPilot Learning Systems launched the Breea line
of tablets, squarely aimed at the classroom. The Breea Freedom HD tablet features an HD
display and wireless broadcasting capabilities for displaying tablet content on a classroom
projector via the Breea Freedom Receiver. The wireless combo allows the teacher to use the
tablet while freely moving around the classroom using the tablet to share web sites,
presentations, videos, or other content with the class.

The company offers a special tablet stand that effectively turns the Breea Freedom HD into a
portable, wireless, document camera. With this configuration, a teacher can easily display any
object placed under the tablet, including student work, from anywhere in the classroom. “There
are other tablets on the market that claim to be ready for the classroom,” said Jarrett Volzer,
founder of TabPilot, “but the wireless screen broadcasting capabilities really make the Breea
tablets and receiver stand out. Teachers are no longer tied to a device or cable to present to the
class. It’s like having a portable white board, presentation system and document camera in

The Freedom HD comes installed TabPilot Tablet Manager, a cloud-based management system
that secures the device by only allowing students to access apps enabled by the teacher. Tablet
Manager also allows teachers to distribute apps and web links as well as freeze or monitor
student tablet screens. Other preinstalled apps include a full-featured office suite that’s
compatible with Microsoft Office files, Socrative student response system, Kahoot! game-based
response system as well as the typical suite of Google apps such as Google Drive (formerly
Google Docs). Other apps can be downloaded from Google Play.

The Breea Freedom HD is a 9.7” tablet running the Android operating system. It’s powered by a
quad-core processor and comes with 16GB of internal storage. The capacitive touch screen
offers 2048 X 1536 resolution, the same as the iPad Retina display. A long-life battery lasts for
at least 7 hours, easily enough to make it through a school-day with typical usage.

The company offers two choices of case styles, both specially designed with an extra ridge of
leather around the outside to extend beyond the edge of the tablet and protect against drops to
the floor. One of the cases accommodates a Bluetooth keyboard that is held in place with small
magnets and can easily be removed.

TabPilot offers demo units to schools who wish to evaluate the tablets on-site and also offers
free trials of the Tablet Manager system.

About TabPilot Learning Systems
TabPilot is a cloud-based management system designed to allow teachers to manage, control,
and monitor student tablets in the classroom. TabPilot is suitable for K-12 and higher education

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