Developing math practice problems for middle and high school students can be a time-consuming task. To help teachers simplify the process and save time, Net Texts has partnered with Wolfram, creators of Wolfram|Alpha®, to provide access to thousands of online practice problems through the Wolfram Problem Generator™ website.

Through this partnership, teachers will be able to access the Wolfram Problem Generator through Net Texts, the free, content management platform for open educational resources (OER). Teachers can then choose practice problems for their students from six main topics, including arithmetic, number theory, algebra, calculus, linear algebra, and statistics. They can also select the difficulty level — beginning, intermediate or advanced — for each problem.

With each practice problem, students are given three opportunities to find the correct answer. After the first wrong attempt, a hint appears under the question. At the end of three tries, a step-by-step solution is provided to tell the student exactly how to solve the problem. Within each topic and difficulty level, teachers can also choose from a selection of printable quizzes, which consist of multiple choice questions, to provide fresh problems for study sessions or to assess students’ understanding of the material.

“With content from the Wolfram Problem Generator, teachers can easily ensure that students get a variety of math practice problems — without having to spend hours developing their own problems to address different topics and difficulty levels,” said Net Texts co-founder Michael Messner. “By adding this incredibly valuable resource to Net Texts’ constantly growing pool of OER, we’re giving teachers the ability to quickly find and access the content they need to address their students’ specific needs.”

Net Texts is a free, web-based system that provides teachers access to a vast library of high quality OER content, which they can then combine with their own resources to create and publish lessons directly to students’ iPads, Android tablets, or computers. More than just a content management system, Net Texts is a powerful teaching and learning tool that helps schools maximize their investments in tablets and 1:1 computing initiatives, while improving teaching and learning.

“We’re excited to be working with Net Texts to make it easier for students to practice and learn math,” said Wolfram’s Adriana O’Brien. “Computational technologies like the Wolfram Problem Generator have a key role to play in the future of education. We look forward to making them available to a wider audience of teachers and students.”

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