15 amazing education technology solutions from January

2. Big Ideas Math: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) and mathematics curriculum provider Big Ideas Learning introduced the Big Ideas Math 2015 Common Core High School series–a rigorous suite of programs designed to provide a deeper understanding of math concepts through inquiry-based exploration. Already implemented in middle schools, this marks the first Big Ideas Math curriculum series for high school students and educators. The series, co-authored by mathematics professors Ron Larson, Ph.D., and Laurie Boswell, Ed.D., is comprised of three critical high school mathematics programs—Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. Each program strives to challenge students beyond basic memorization, enabling them to understand how concepts are inter-connected. The launch marks the introduction of the Dynamic Assessment and Progress Monitoring Tool to the Big Ideas Math series, enabling educators to track and monitor student progress throughout the school year. Its adaptive testing features and additional problem sets directly correlate to specific Common Core State Standards and lessons within the Big Ideas programs. For more information on Big Ideas Math, click here.

3. Casio: This projector solution company highlighted its Slim projector, the thinnest high brightness projector at 1.7 inches thin—approximately the size of a sheet of paper and only five pounds. The projector includes:

  • Up to 3000 lumens
  • 2X Power Zoom
  • Input/Output Connectivity—RGB, Video, HDMI, RS-232; and Audio In/Out USB models only—2 USB
  • Built-in 1w Speaker
  • DLP Technology
  • Auto Brightness Adjustment
  • On Screen Presentation Timer

For more information about Casio, click here.

4. Deep Freeze Cloud: Faronics, a computer management solutions company, highlighted its Deep Freeze Cloud—the new SaaS product line for next-level PC management, data protection, asset administration, and power management. The only thing needed to manage the Deep Freeze Cloud is an internet connection! Features include:

  • Anti-Executable Cloud Service: Prevent unauthorized executables from running.
  • Anti-Virus Cloud Service: Malware, firewall and eMail protection.
  • WINSelect Cloud Service: Control over the experience from apps to printing without needing GPOs.
  • Power Save Cloud Service: Generate detailed audit and full savings report for PCs.

For more information on the Deep Freeze Cloud, click here.

5. Digits: Pearson’s digits middle grades core mathematics curriculum was developed in direct response to teachers and schools seeking a data-driven instructional model that surpasses conventional curricula and engages today’s digitally minded students. Supported by a wealth of recent research validating the benefits of personalized instruction, the authors of digits have created a compelling program that simplifies tasks for the teacher, optimizes class time, and personalizes student learning. The entirely digital, interactive math program delivers:

  • Alignment to the Common Core Standards
  • Increased instruction time with Readiness Assessments and autoscored homework
  • Personalized coursework, study plans, and homework for students
  • Optimized use of interactive whiteboard technology

For more information on Digits, click here.

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