LEGO® Education Launches First Tablet-based Software, Supporting StoryStarter Solution

News Highlights:
• LEGO® Education StoryStarter, a language arts solution for second- through fifth-grade classes, now has an app to make digital storytelling mobile!
• The LEGO Education StoryVisualizer web-based software will transition to a downloadable version and will continue to be supported on both PC and Mac. All software versions are included in one bundle with a Teacher’s Guide, and the educators can decide which to use depending upon the resources available to them.
• The iOS version is available now via the Apple iTunes app store, and the Android version will be available later this year.

BILLUND, Denmark–February 5, 2014 – As mobile technology continues to make its way into education, Futuresource Tech Trends in Education predicts that by 2017 tablets will make up 57% of PC shipments to K-12 classrooms. Today, in celebration of National Digital Learning Day, LEGO Education introduces the company’s first tablet-based application, supporting LEGO Education StoryStarter.

A language arts solution for second- through fifth-grade classes, LEGO Education StoryStarter teaches students the basic mechanics of a well-composed story, making it a great tool for analyzing existing stories, writing new stories, or discussing specific, current topics. The StoryStarter product and software engages students through thinking, creating, and writing by providing visual images to give meaning to a story or topic. It also encourages students with little interest in writing and provides a perfect venue for successful writing dialogue. The accompanying LEGO Education StoryVisualizer software – which integrates digital learning and can be used by students to record, visualize, and publish the stories they have created – supports both PC and Mac environments, as well as the iOS version available today for download with Android version available later this year.

“Students are bringing a variety of mobile devices into the classroom, and this is often viewed as a distraction rather than a huge opportunity,” said Colin Gillespie, President of LEGO Education North America. “With the StoryStarter Visualizer tablet applications, we’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to transform the tablet into another hands-on learning tool for teaching language arts in a creative and collaborative way.”

Product Features:
• The instructions for downloading the software and the app version are accessible via the online LEGO Education tool using an activation code customers will receive upon purchase.
• Features of the tablet software are identical to the downloadable StoryVisualizer software but have been adapted and optimized for a touch screen interface.
• Educators will also be able to download a PDF file of the StoryStarter Curriculum.
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