Teachers Can “Learn It Today, Use It Tomorrow” With Growing Collection of Interactive Clinics, Videos, Lesson Plans and White Papers

NEW YORK – Feb. 7, 2014 – Triumph Learning today unveiled CommonCore.com, a web site offering free resources to support teachers as they implement the Common Core State Standards. The interactive clinics, videos, lesson plans, blogs and white papers featured on the site provide educators and parents with best practices and practical information on the new, more rigorous learning goals.

“At Triumph Learning, we are committed to ensuring that all teachers have access to the resources that they need to embrace the Common Core Standards and prepare all of their students for success in college and career,” said Rick Noble, CEO, Triumph Learning. “Our growing collection of free resources on CommonCore.com puts the information, advice and tools for successfully implementing the standards right at their fingertips.”

When teachers arrive at CommonCore.com, they will discover the opportunity to interact 1:1 with featured experts who will offer advice on all aspects of implementing the Common Core in their classrooms. In addition, they can engage in discussions with colleagues from around the country facing the same challenges they are in the Common Core Community. Special live events and insightful white papers offer perspectives that will help teachers gain a more complete understanding of the Common Core Standards and their practical applications in the classroom. They will discover answers to question ranging from “How can I engage my reluctant readers?” to “How do I help my students gain conceptual knowledge?”

In addition, CommonCore.com offers parents answers to the questions that they may have about the standards as well as tips for ensuring that their children stay on track for academic success.

To learn more, visit www.CommonCore.com.

About Triumph Learning:
Triumph Learning, LLC, is a leading educational content company and publisher of print and digital K–12 Common Core resources, standards- aligned instructional materials, and effective literacy programs. Its state-customized products increase student achievement and raise scores on high-stakes exams. Triumph Learning offers unique student solutions, robust teacher support, and professional development opportunities. Imprints and products include Coach, Buckle Down, Options, Readiness for Common Core, Mastering the TEKS online, Plugged-in to Reading, and The BookJam. Triumph Learning is committed to serving all students with a mix of interactive digital tools and innovative student texts. For more information, visit www.triumphlearning.com.

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