Alexandria, VA (2/12/2014)—ASCD, a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and leading, announced today the release of four new professional development titles for educators. As educators face new standards and classroom challenges, they will find solutions for prioritizing school improvement efforts, working with difficult students, bringing joy into teaching and learning, and teaching vocabulary effectively in these new professional development publications.

New professional development books

Hanging In: Strategies for Teaching the Students Who Challenge Us Most Veteran educator Jeffrey Benson shares compelling stories and practical strategies to help teachers and administrators succeed with the students who most need our help. Learn how to analyze your students’ challenges, build connections, and develop individualized plans of action. In this resource, you’ll find the inspiration and field-tested ideas necessary to create a patient and supportive environment for even the most demanding cases in the classroom. ($26.95 print or e-book; $19.95 member price) Read a sample chapter.

Engaging Minds in the Classroom: The Surprising Power of Joy Authors Michael Opitz and Michael Ford share their discoveries about planning lessons that engage students and enable them to truly enjoy learning. The authors outline key findings from research on motivation and engagement and offer real-life teaching examples and strategies to bring joy to the classroom. Opitz and Ford give particular care to the non-cognitive factors that are important in a whole child approach to education. ($16.95 print; $12.95 member price) Read a sample chapter.

Five Levers to Improve Learning: How to Prioritize for Powerful Results in Your School Creating a longer school day or reducing class sizes might be popular initiatives, but will they actually help student achievement? Award-winning educators, Tony Frontier and James Rickabaugh show that the key to success is not doing more work and making more changes, but rather doing the work with the greatest potential to transform teaching and learning. Frontier and Rickabaugh present five “levers” that can help unlock lasting improvements in every school. ($27.95 print or e-book; $20.95 member price) Read a sample chapter.

New ASCD Arias publications

Each ASCD Arias publication is 48 pages in length and answers a crucial and timely “How do I…?” question. They are available in print and e-book formats and contain original, stand-alone content that can be read in one sitting and immediately applied to practice. These convenient and succinct publications offer the expertise of education thought leaders, experienced practitioners, and researchers.

Vocab Rehab: How do I teach vocabulary effectively with limited time? Research underscores the critical vocabulary gap that exists for many students who enter our schools. Armed with this research, veteran teacher Marilee Sprenger shows educators how to make time daily to teach vocabulary through direct, explicit instruction that is also creative, interesting, and fun for students. Sprenger offers easy-to-implement, 10-minute instructional strategies to help teachers ensure that their students have a sound grasp on both general and content-specific words across grade levels and subject areas. ($12.99 print and e-book format)

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