COSTA MESA, CA (February 10, 2014) – SymbalooEDU, a resource management tool that helps educators and students curate and organize the best of the web, today announced a partnership between SymbalooEDU, the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) and the New York State Teacher Centers. Each district, BOCES (Boards of Cooperative Educational Services) or Teacher Center can now use SymbalooEDU to collaborate on and organize resources for Common Core. Up to 3.5 million students, 250,000 teachers and 5,000 schools stand to benefit from SymbalooEDU’s tile-driven, cloud-based program.

For the first time, SymbalooEDU empowers digitally savvy educators to curate the best resources and tailor it to their specific educational plans. All levels—state, district, school and teacher—have a say in adding their particular “flavor”. Teacher-generated content and digital resources can then be accessed on any device: tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. This makes it perfect for mobile learning and BYOD (bring your own device).

SymbalooEDU helps fulfill the promise of “adaptive learning” meeting the unique needs of each student.

Adaptive learning seeks to tailor education based on a student’s progress indicated by test results, crafting a learning path that increases the difficulty level if they are progressing well and slowing it down if further instruction is needed.

Educators can also use SymbalooEDU to create their own “personal teaching environment” (PTE) which then enables students to easily form their own “personal learning environment” (PLE). Students become more willing to learn when learning goes from rote presentation and memorization to an interactive, dynamic experience.

“SymbalooEDU is the perfect tool to bring the best of digital learning and common core standards together,” says Stan Silverman, Director of Technology Based Learning Systems, NYIT. “New York is leading the way in mapping out a vision for the future of education, and SymbalooEDU is an indispensable partner. Its ease of deployment across any platform, flexibility and affordable cost fit in perfectly with our internal guidelines.”

“We are thrilled about our new partnership, now we can showcase the strength of SymbalooEDU and set the example for PLE’s and PTE’s in New York for the rest of the world” says Klaas Lameijer, Chief Executive Officer at Symbaloo. “This is a culmination of amazing grassroots support from educators who have seen and experienced the potential of harnessing technology that is both easy to use and a powerful curator of information. New York teachers and students alike will see how fun and effective learning can be.”

New features in SymbalooEDU make setting things up a breeze. The premium account gives access to an admin control panel that gives full control to the district to build trusted resources for educators to use. Options include editing or changing settings of “webmixes”, user restrictions, blocking certain content, creating IP white- or blacklists, and adding or managing users. SymbalooEDU can also be branded with a custom logo or URL.

Included in the new partnership is a heavy emphasis on training. The “Training the Trainer” program will send out 25 educators training up to 5,000 New York educators in 6 weeks. Both Certification and Incentive programs are available to facilitate the roll out.

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SymbalooEDU is a resource management tool that helps educators and students curate and organize the best of the web into individualized instruction. With SymbalooEDU educators can save their teaching resources in the cloud and access them from any device. Learn more at

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