(February 7, 2014) – Pitsco MATH Connections – hands-on activities that link content learning to real-world applications – enable teachers to individualize learning while addressing specific math standards.

Facing a classroom of students with specific mathematical needs, and having a designated time frame to address a high number of mathematics standards, teachers often struggle to show students how math concepts relate to the real world.

Pitsco MATH Connections make individualized math instruction easier. With 37 different math titles to choose from, covering concepts such as Absolute Value, Properties of Real Numbers, and Systems of Equations, teachers can purchase only what their students need.

“Unlike other math curricula, MATH Connections may be purchased individually, based on the specific concepts with which students are struggling,” explained Pitsco Educational Program Designer Jake Lopez. “This flexibility enables the teacher to focus on the most critical parts of his or her students’ learning and comprehension needs.”

Aligned to Common Core math concepts, MATH Connections can be used to solidify concepts in small-group, team-based learning for up to eight students each, or for whole-class instruction to supplement textbook and online classroom instruction. Likewise, each title can be used as either an introductory or a culminating activity, depending on how the teacher chooses to implement it. Either way, concepts are reinforced and real-world connections are made.

Each MATH Connections activity comes with a fully editable instructional PowerPoint presentation, student guides, a teacher’s guide, and individual assessments as well as hands-on activities and materials. Student guides, teacher guides, and assessments are provided in printed format but can also be downloaded as printable PDFs. With everything needed for student success packed, stored, and ready to go, teachers can concentrate on helping their students learn rather than chasing down supplies.

For more information about MATH Connections or other Pitsco math solutions, visit www.pitsco.com/math_connections or contact a Pitsco Education consultant at 800-828-5787.

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